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We’ve helped countless manufacturers break free from mediocre monitoring. Learn why they made the switch to Datanomix:

About Us

Meet Datanomix—the industry’s first and only production monitoring solution that requires No Operator Input™.

No Operator Input™ was born out of the pain and frustration of everyday shop leaders who dared to invest in monitoring technology, but did not deserve to be punished by the shortcomings of prior-generation systems. If reason codes, operator input, complex ERP integrations and dirty data have torpedoed your attempts to run your business better with data, then Datanomix was purpose-built for you.

We have redefined what manufacturing leaders should expect from their monitoring systems – intuitive and good-looking software, easy-to-follow workflows that align with how you already think, insights that are delivered right out of the box, and none of the BS tablet-pecking and data crunching that has been forced upon the industry.

Countless manufacturers have made the switch to Datanomix. You should too.

No Operator Input™. It’s not a feature. It’s a way of life.
And it’s only available through Datanomix.

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