Production Monitoring Software that Requires


(No, really!)


Learn why they chose to switch to Datanomix:

Not Just Words

At Datanomix, when we say our Production Monitoring software doesn’t require operator input, we really mean it. We connect directly to your CNC machine controllers and pull all available raw live data which is then analyzed and scored. Real-time and historical insights are displayed on the app, shop floor TVs, and dashboards so your team has access to the information they need to make the best decisions.

It’s YOUR Choice

If you WANT input from operators in certain circumstances, they can add it in real time on the free Datanomix mobile app using their mobile phone or your existing connected tablet. We know you don’t need another tablet on the floor—or the IT headaches that come with that! 

Burned in the Past?

If reason codes, operator input, complex ERP integrations, and dirty data have torpedoed your attempts to run your business better with data, then contact Datanomix. Our technology is way ahead of the competition. They are bogged down with decades of “how it used to be done” thinking. And while they plod along with outdated algorithms and clunky interfaces, we blaze ahead with cutting-edge technology and user-centric designs. Datanomix is not just an upgrade—we are an entirely different experience.

Expect More 

We have redefined what manufacturing leaders should expect from monitoring systems – intuitive interfaces, easy-to-follow workflows that align with how you already think, insights that are delivered right out of the box, and no data crunching.

Make More

Real-time insights enable operators, supervisors, managers and owners to make the best decisions on where to focus limited resources. Customers start out with our proven Quick Wins program that delivers an additional hour per day/per machine in uptime. And that’s just the beginning of what Datanomix can do. Starts the conversation and see how Datanomix can help you make more revenue, more profit and more progress.

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